Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm so excited, and I'm having a hard time hiding it.

My hubby is on his way home.  He should be here any minute.  I'm so ready to see him. I'm excited to see the kids faces when he wakes them back up to say hello.  I can't wait to crawl into bed with him and cuddle into his arms.  And so, the rest will have to wait.  I can't keep it to myself much longer...hopefully he's home soon.

I just had to come back and add a little note.  I'm watching the CMA's while I'm waiting, and the lady who just introduced Carrie Underwood?  The widow of a hero?  That made me bawl.  Not just cry, but bawl.  I'm so impressed and awed by her composure.  I had hard time listening to this song before this, but now I don't think I can do it without crying anytime soon.  The power of music is amazing.

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