Monday, June 25, 2012

It's a hard knock life

I read quite a few blogs.  It seems like every one is struggling with big life issues right now.  Divorce and sick kids.  These aren't blogs that started with this life issues.  But wow is it prevalent.  Perhaps it's a side effect of the reason economic pressures, perhaps it's just a fact of life.  

I understand how these things happen.  You think you're going along doing okay, and then the little things build up, and then they aren't so little.  And at some point, you have to decide if it's worth trying to fix things. And sometimes the answer is yes, and sometimes it is no.

Lately, my whole life feels chaotic.  I'm trying to take some time this summer to enjoy the little things in life, to fully live in the moment.  And I'm trying to get my kids to do that same.

How about you?  Are you enjoying the little moments?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

BHBC: The Artist's Way Toolkit

I had never heard of The Artist's Way before being given the opportunity to review this toolkit, but I jumped at the chance.  I've been interested in finding ways to better focus on my creative side, hoping it would open up my world and allow me more peace and time to engage that side of my personality.

The Artist's Way is a book by Julia Cameron and the online service is meant to be a toolkit to go along with the book.  I do not have the book, and have never read it.  I still found the toolkit useful.

Each day you are supposed to start with Morning Pages, which are 3 handwritten or drawn journal pages.  No subject is off limits, and you are supposed to use them to clear your mind.  I am horrible at these first thing in the morning.  I am one of those people that jump out of bed, shower, and start my day.  I've often fantasized about sitting on the back deck, drinking coffee and enjoying the peace and solitude, but it's just not available in my daily life.  I tried to do them, and failed miserably.  I love the idea behind them, which is to clear your mind and prepare you to embrace your creativity throughout the day, and now that school is out for the summer, maybe I'll try again a few days a week.  Or maybe I'll try them in the evening.

There are other components, and I find them interesting, but they just don't mesh with my life right now.  There are Artist's Dates for you to do each week.  This weeks is to go to the beach alone and leave all distractions behind.  I'm assuming these are the same for everyone using the service.  What if there isn't a beach near where you live?  What if your family would mutiny if they knew you went alone?  What if there isn't enough alone time in your life for that?  I wish you could choose from several options.

There are also sound bites, but those didn't really do much for me.  I'm a reader, and I hate listening to people talk.

I downloaded the app for my iPhone, and that is a huge plus for me. Finding time to sit down at my computer might be difficult every day, and staying focused while one...well, there's always Pinterest and Facebook to tempt us, am I right? But I find I'm much more likely to focus if I'm opening an app on my phone.

I think that this toolkit has some great components, and for some people it would really work.  At this time, it's just not the tool I was looking for in my daily life.

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This is a paid review, I was compensated and given a free trial to the toolkit, but the review is my own thoughts and words.