Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I was dreaming when I wrote this...

Okay, I wasn't really...I was just wishing my life away. Why, you ask? Because Friday at 4:00, I begin a whole week of no work. Vacation...probably a little strong of a word for it. After all, I'm not going to any great, exciting, or exotic place this year. If we do anything, it will be simple day trips. I still have to feed my children, clean my house, and handle the laundry. BUT there will be no alarm clock, no rush to get anyone to work on time. And there will be some serious dreaming going on. Maybe My legs and shoulders can start to match the rest of my arms.

And maybe I'll kick this damn bronchitis once and for all.

Since I'm not going away....there might even be a few posts in there.

Now I'm off to daydream a bit more.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

My hubby is home, just in time for Father's Day. This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but I believe this is only the 2nd or 3rd time he has been home with us on this day in over 10 years. The military just doesn't believe that Father's should be home on Father's Day. How silly us civilians are.

Not much on the agenda for today. We gave him his gifts Friday, as the oldest child is away on her church mission trip and PB is just coming back today from camping. I bought him this book, which I think is just awesome. I would recommend it highly!

And now, to honor the man in our house...

Thank you for being a super awesome, fantastic, crazy, fun dad. We all love you very much and are so happy you are home at last.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fighting for your life

Last fall, my MIL was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. At the initial diagnosis, she was told it was Stage 1. After several surgeries, she found out it was Stage 4. After a long series of Chemo treatments, she is now facing a long round of radiation therapy. She has lost her hair, eyelashes, eyebrowsa and fingernails. She has been so sick and weak she can barely move. She's had to miss a lot of family activities because her immune system is so weak. But she has battled on...even when she felt defeated, she continued to battle.

When I was a child, cancer meant certain death. It might be years down the road, or days, but if you had cancer, chances were you were going to die. Nowadays, that isn't the case anymore. Cancer isn't pleasant, it isn't fun, it pretty much sucks for those who have to battle it. But we can battle it, and we can win.

This Friday, my SIL will be walking for Relay for Life. This event is an overnight walk to raise funds and awareness for cancer. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please link to her site here: Tammy's RLF team. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. Working together, we can continue to make cancer a livable diganosis. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


There's a totally cool new site out there...see that button on the left, that beautiful blue one? Click it and it will take you to a place that all cool women should go. What is this site you ask? It's called sk*rt, and it is the site for women to go and find cool internet places to go. Here's a blurb for your info...

sk*rt is a place to find things. News. Ideas. Information. Products. Coolness. And
more and more and more. It’s like that friend who always finds the best stuff… only
better. Because it finds the stuff online. And let’s face it, there are billions of online
options… but finding something you’re interested in, well, that’s sometimes tricky. So
sk*rt was created as a portal for skirts. A spot that you can stop in to see what excellent
things others have found.

See, very cool. It's organized into categories, and we, the members of sk*rt, get to decide what's cool and what's not. Really, go check it will get lost in the choices.

I need a new look for my blog. I wonder if there is anything there about revamping, cause I have no clue how to code a website. Anyone want to help me?

Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday night, let the rednecks descend!

The oldest just returned from her final dance of middle school. What a big event for her, and unfortunately, she did not have a fun time. I hate that. She looked so grown up and pretty and was so looking forward to this. She even gave up a white water rafting trip that she would have totally enjoyed to go to this dance. Makes me so glad I'm not a teenager anymore.

It's race weekend here in our fair city. 140,000 extra drunk bodies floating around town. Yup, we pretty much stay within 2-3 miles of my house and never venture to that other side of town this weekend. Good thing all the soccer stuff is over here...otherwise we wouldn't be going. It amazes me how badly people can smell after a few days of not showering, how drunk people can be, and how many absolutely scary rednecks there are in the world. And I come from rednecks myself, thank you very much. So, sit back and picture 140,000 (okay, not all of the them are drunk rednecks, but there are actually more people than that, as there are three races over the weekend) drunk, stinky, rednecks running around the wal-mart and sam's club in a sales tax free state. Good times, people, good times.

So yes, I know a little about Nascar. Hard not to when it comes to town twice a year. I also know a bit about Indy car racing, seeing as how I grew up in Indiana....and yet, I'm still not a fan. Go figure.

So this weekend, I will do a little bit of tweeking the yard, and cleaning up the house, and some work I brought home. And I won't go anywhere that isn't absolutely necessary. Maybe I can find some blog inspiration.