Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday night, let the rednecks descend!

The oldest just returned from her final dance of middle school. What a big event for her, and unfortunately, she did not have a fun time. I hate that. She looked so grown up and pretty and was so looking forward to this. She even gave up a white water rafting trip that she would have totally enjoyed to go to this dance. Makes me so glad I'm not a teenager anymore.

It's race weekend here in our fair city. 140,000 extra drunk bodies floating around town. Yup, we pretty much stay within 2-3 miles of my house and never venture to that other side of town this weekend. Good thing all the soccer stuff is over here...otherwise we wouldn't be going. It amazes me how badly people can smell after a few days of not showering, how drunk people can be, and how many absolutely scary rednecks there are in the world. And I come from rednecks myself, thank you very much. So, sit back and picture 140,000 (okay, not all of the them are drunk rednecks, but there are actually more people than that, as there are three races over the weekend) drunk, stinky, rednecks running around the wal-mart and sam's club in a sales tax free state. Good times, people, good times.

So yes, I know a little about Nascar. Hard not to when it comes to town twice a year. I also know a bit about Indy car racing, seeing as how I grew up in Indiana....and yet, I'm still not a fan. Go figure.

So this weekend, I will do a little bit of tweeking the yard, and cleaning up the house, and some work I brought home. And I won't go anywhere that isn't absolutely necessary. Maybe I can find some blog inspiration.


Andie D. said...

In college, I lived in a house next to campus. Every game day brought a fresh load of students and alum who didn't think twice of parking in our driveway and on our lawn. Fun stuff!

Hope the stinky drunkards are gone soon.

Jenny said...

All I know about Nascar I learned from Talladega Nights, however stinky drunks I know all about. Avoid the Walmarts.

theflyingmum said...

The county just north of us is negotiating a track. Our discussions at home have been about precisely the "element" you described being attracted to this area. But then, many of them already live here...