Tuesday, June 05, 2007


There's a totally cool new site out there...see that button on the left, that beautiful blue one? Click it and it will take you to a place that all cool women should go. What is this site you ask? It's called sk*rt, and it is the site for women to go and find cool internet places to go. Here's a blurb for your info...

sk*rt is a place to find things. News. Ideas. Information. Products. Coolness. And
more and more and more. It’s like that friend who always finds the best stuff… only
better. Because it finds the stuff online. And let’s face it, there are billions of online
options… but finding something you’re interested in, well, that’s sometimes tricky. So
sk*rt was created as a portal for skirts. A spot that you can stop in to see what excellent
things others have found.

See, very cool. It's organized into categories, and we, the members of sk*rt, get to decide what's cool and what's not. Really, go check it out...you will get lost in the choices.

I need a new look for my blog. I wonder if there is anything there about revamping, cause I have no clue how to code a website. Anyone want to help me?


theflyingmum said...

1. Go to "Dashboard" - you should see it when you write a new post.
2. Select "layout" - you should be able to choose a new template, and reorganize the layout of your blog.

This will only work if you've upgraded to "new" blogger. I know, cuz I just did a couple weeks ago.

Good luck! Hope this helps. And if you have any other questions, email me at theflyingmum AT comcast DOT net.

Jenn said...

Great lead, thanks for the link.

Dashboard, my friend. I know you can do it, I did.