Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fighting for your life

Last fall, my MIL was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. At the initial diagnosis, she was told it was Stage 1. After several surgeries, she found out it was Stage 4. After a long series of Chemo treatments, she is now facing a long round of radiation therapy. She has lost her hair, eyelashes, eyebrowsa and fingernails. She has been so sick and weak she can barely move. She's had to miss a lot of family activities because her immune system is so weak. But she has battled on...even when she felt defeated, she continued to battle.

When I was a child, cancer meant certain death. It might be years down the road, or days, but if you had cancer, chances were you were going to die. Nowadays, that isn't the case anymore. Cancer isn't pleasant, it isn't fun, it pretty much sucks for those who have to battle it. But we can battle it, and we can win.

This Friday, my SIL will be walking for Relay for Life. This event is an overnight walk to raise funds and awareness for cancer. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please link to her site here: Tammy's RLF team. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. Working together, we can continue to make cancer a livable diganosis. Thank you.

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Jenn said...

I'm a relay for lifer myself.

It's amazing how hope springs eternal, isn't it, even in the face of things that are so scary?

Best wishes there.