Sunday, November 23, 2008

The cutest little white belt, hands down.

I'm finally getting the planets aligned to write the Martial Arts post.  Yay Me!
So Monster decided that he wanted to learn Martial Arts.  This is something DDS and I have thought about enrolling for a year or so now.  We wanted him to learn the self control and have an outlet for some energy, but we were worried that it would just be another way to harm us.  I finally think he is old enough to understand the difference.  I asked around to several people I knew that had children or themselves enrolled, and found a school with good references.  He had his first of two private classes on Tuesday night, and the second on Wednesday night.  These classes allow the staff to determine where the kids are, and how well they will handle the classes.  He was so excited, he was literally vibrating.  He couldn't stand still.  He listened well and really comprehended and learned the movements.  But he didn't ge his belt the first night, and he was a little disappointed with that.
So, we went back the second night, and mama remembered the camera the second time.  OMG, I love that boy in his little uniform.  He's so stinkin CUTE! 
He was vibrating again, and he remembered the bows, and the moves.
At the end of the lesson, he had to break his first board. 
And may I introduce to you...the newest white belt.
I really want to eat him up.

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