Thursday, November 13, 2008

Horseback lesson one

So as I mentioned the other day, Tuesday was Princess Bear's first horseback riding lesson.  It was awesome.  The owner/instructor has a son Monster's age, and they made fast friends. 
We met Napoleon the pony when we visited last week.  This is "her" pony for lessons.
Isn't he just so sweet?
The instructor explained that when you are learning to ride, you shouldn't try and ride any horse who's back is taller than your shoulders.  So all of her kids learn to ride on a pony.  Next, PB learned how to groom her pony to prepare him for a saddle.  Her instructor explained what they different brushes did, and why it was important.  They kept up a steady stream of chatter the whole time, and I saw her really taking the information in.
The she learned how to saddle him up, and led him out to the practice ring.  You have to walk before you ride, so that is what she did.
Doesn't she look so big?  And such a natural!
Now you climb up in the saddle and ride around a bit.  You have to learn how to control the horse, not just with your hands but also with your legs.  It also requires quite a bit of balance.
Then, to help with balance and learning how the horse moves, she to try a little bareback.
I can not stress how great I think this instructor was while working with PB.  She was patient, and explained they why behind what you do.  She helped PB learn to feel comfortable on the horse, and allowed her to slowly feel a little independence.  It really was a great lesson. 
Of course, I needed my inhaler by the time I got home.  I'm seriously thinking it's about time to go get the testing and see about shots.  Allergies to most animals sucks.
I'm really looking forward to next weeks lesson!  Maybe I'll remember my camera, so I don't have to take them with the crappy cell phone again!
Happy Love Thursday everyone.  I hope you and yours have found the things you love to do.


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