Friday, November 21, 2008

Things that bug me.

I know...a list.  Yuck.  Too bad. 

1. I wanted to write a post about Monster's first/second Martial Arts Class, but my camera is downstairs and I'm not.  It will have to wait until tomorrow.

2. That when my husband calls, I have so much to tell him, but all of it seems too trivial...or it's a surprise (we bought Christmas and birthday gifts today.)

3.  That they build all of the necessary stages and such for the Inaugaration from scratch.  All that lumber, all that money.  What a waste.

4. That it will cost the Obama's more than I make in a year to send their children to the private school in Washington.  I get that Public Schools probably can't handle the publicity.  But seriously...almost $60,000 a year for these girls to go to school.  Most colleges aren't even that expensive.

There's a lot more, but these are the most recent ones. 

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~moe~ said...

A note on number two...a friend of mine in my unit said that whenever he was deployed all he wanted to hear about was the trivial stuff - what you're doing, the kids, the laundry, etc. - because that kept life here real for him while he was over there. And it helped him to take his mind off the work he had to do for a little while.

I used to feel bad when he'd call and I'd vent about my job and people I was working with, then I'd apologize for wasting our valuable time, but he told me that that's what he wanted. He wanted to feel normal again, and talking out the trivial stuff helped.

Just a opinion though.