Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No electric

Right before I posted that last night...the electric went out. Thank goodness for auto save. Unfortunately, once power came on, I forgot to come back and actually publish it, so there it is for you now.

Since there wasn't much else I could do, I went out on the front porch and enjoyed the night. It wasn't quite full dark yet, but it was late enough that most people were in for the night. The temperature was in the low 70's and a slight breeze was blowing. It was beautiful. Very little sounds, no artificial light...perfect. We sit out on our porch or in our hammock many nights during nice weather. Our front yard draws you in, makes you comfortable. It has a very cozy cottage feel to it. When the power came on after 15-20 minutes, I was amazed at how much artificial light there was. Each house has a small yard post light that is hardwired and comes on in the dark automatically. It bathes the development in nice light, better than large security or roadside lights, and provides some security against thieves. But it is still artificial light. Sitting there in the oncoming darkness, I felt peaceful. I thanked God for my beautiful house, my (relatively) healthy children, my wonderful home, and my many blessings.

Then I came in and turned on Hell's Kitchen. It annoys me, but I have to see who gets voted off every week because I really can't stand any of them.

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