Monday, June 23, 2008

Fun Monday, Those things you can't throw away!

Hula Girl is our host this week...and if my internet will continue to cooperate, I'll try and post!

Welcome to this week's Fun Monday. It's my first time hosting, so if I screw this up please let me know so I can fix it. My assignment for you this week was to show us those pieces of clothing you just can't part with, whether you wear them or not. It might be your grandma's vintage wedding dress, a jacket from high school, a t-shirt from an old boyfriend or those jeans you hope to get back into some day. It could be anything. Most of us have something like that we can't seem to throw away. Here are my items and below that are the links for everyone participating in Fun Monday. If I've left someone out, give me a shout. Check out everyone's website and enjoy.......and thanks for participating! If anyone wants to host next week, please let me know.

My first item isn't actually clothing, it's an item. My mom bought me this really cute cat lamp when I was pre-teen ish aged, and I still have the ceramic cat head. The lamp died, and I thought I had gotten rid of the cat, but apparently not. Hehe.

I actually just cleaned out my closet before I saw the topic, but I'll share the few things I did get rid of, and the few I didn't.

I had several tour shirts for Garth's first tour...just got rid of those. Had a wonderful blackwatch plaid flannel shirt that I LOVED, but I finally got rid of that.

I do still have a black suit that I will fit into again some day. I'll probably end up getting rid of it after I fit into it again, but I want to wear it at least once again. My wedding dress still hangs in the basement. I don't know why. I don't expect PB to wear it and it's not doing much of anything but hanging in the way. Perhaps it has to do with the lack of wedding photos. Someday, I'll have to tell you all my wedding story.

Sorry, no pics tonight. Having too much trouble with the internet. Maybe tomorrow if it's better.

Happy Fun Monday!


daddy d said...

Keeping or not keeping that is the question. You have the right balance in that matter.

Sayre said...

I kept my first wedding dress. Got rid of it shortly after I got rid of that husband. I rented my second one from a prom/wedding shop. It was lovely, but I had no intention of using it again. So far, so good!