Sunday, June 08, 2008

The ants are still marching

I'm so sick of ants. Bug and I have been battling them in the kitchen all day long. That's frustrating all alone...there were things I wanted to get done today that I didn't because we were battling. But considering that I have been paying my hard earned money to a company to get rid of and keep away these pests...let's just say I'm a tad bit on the frustrated side. Someone from that company has been here almost weekly lately, and still they're taking over. What I don't understand is why they were able to so quickly and easily remove them for the last two years, but this year they can't. At this point, I've refused to pay for this quarters service. When you've accomplished your part of the bargain, then I'll pay. And it's actually time for the next quarterly payment. They better not think they're going to bill me for that one.

I'm off to bed. Hopefully I won't dream of ants tonight.

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