Monday, June 16, 2008

A house is made of Walls and Beams;

A home is made with love and dreams.

Walls. That's the topic Jan from the Prytz Family Blog has assigned us for this Fun Monday post.

My walls are starting to talk about our family. They tell people that we love color. Someday, I hope they tell the story of the things we enjoy by the items we hang. Unfortunately, until there is color, I am not inspired to hang. And I'm very picky about what I hang, so they are scarce at this moment.

My dining room is granny smith apple green. I love this looks so clean with the wood and white trim. My kitchen is a pale orange...very tuscan feeling. It was so hard to find a color that looked good with the light wood cabinets and dark green counter top. The cabinet and counters were updated just a few years before we bought the house, so we've left it for now. It's grown on me once we got the color on the walls. My hallway is still white, but will be mocha soon, and my living room is still white, but it will be Deep red eventually. Those walls have to be sanded before they can be painted...and I'm not ready for that mess yet.

Upstairs, my daughters room really reflect them. Bugs is Bikini Bottom Blue and Atomic Vomit Green. Sounds bad, but it sure does work with her hawaiin monkey decor. Posters adorn her walls. PBs room is half pink (think just a touch brighter than pepto bismol) and turquoise. She would prefer some green now, but I'm not ready to paint again in there. Her bedding is in bright colors with butterflies, and shelves and pictures adorn her walls all around. The Monsters room was already done in gray with a nascar border, but will be getting redone in the near future. At this time, he says he wants an Army room...we'll see. And my's a beautiful blue with a darker blue stripe at the top. It's very relaxing. There isn't much hanging, but those are coming...I have projects in my mind to finish it off.

What do your walls say?


Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh I love your talking walls. It sounds like you have a lovely bright home. :D

Molly said...

I say thay your walls are very colorful.

Sayre said...

Your walls SHOULD talk about you! It sounds like they have very nice things to say...