Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Having a baby, revisted

Last night I agreed to babysit for a friends little boy. These little sweet potato just turned a year old and is the sweetest, cutest little thing. I love babysitting for him for so many reasons, the main one being that he provides my baby fix for me. And truly, I love kids. Especially those that I can send home when they get too annoying.

So little sweet potato went with me to a meeting. A meeting that was held in a room with very little air conditioning, in 100 degree heat. Yep, that was a fun meeting. Thankfully they cut it short. Then him and PB and Monster and I went out to dinner. He really wanted nothing to do with food...just water. I can't say I blame him. I hate eating when it's hot outside, too. However, when dessert arrived (it was one of those included with the meal things) and I gave him a little taste of whipped cream...boy licked his lips and opened his mouth wide for more. He just cracked me up. My two heathens attacked that dessert like they were ravenous wolves...large clumps of cake, ice cream and whipped cream were devoured quickly. I did make then slow down, but dang it was funny for a minute.

Monster is very funny whenever I babysit for sweet potato. He's very polite, and not very demonstrative of his jealousy, but it's there. When you ask him to hand you something that the baby dropped, he politely says, no, not right now. When you ask if he wants to play with him, No thank you. And when it's time for him to go, he waves and says good bye, loud and clear. He is my baby, and he knows it. Unfortunately, he isn't a baby anymore, and that makes me a little sad. Soon enough, he isn't going to be my little boy anymore either. I'm really going to miss these times.

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