Thursday, June 05, 2008

The best day in life (I'm totally bragging on my girls here)

Today was the last day of school and my girls have had it good. The last day is always a half day here, so there's that from the get go.

PB had her awards ceremony this morning. Apparently the school sent home the schedule last week and I missed it, and so we weren't last night what time it was this morning. Before bed, I broke the news that no one would be there. She was disappointed. My mom called the school this morning, found out what time, and booked it over there so she could be present. PB received Honor roll for the year and Citizenship, which entitled her to a water ice coupon (she ended up with 2 actually) and a Chick-Fil-A coupon. And here I will totally gloat on my child. She received straight A's and Outstandings in all her subjects for the year. Yay PB! Once school was out, she went to the Youth Center and hung out with her friends doing fun activities and listening to the music.

(Side of the staff members is a DJ on the side, so sometimes when they have half days or whole days off, he sets up the sound equipment in the gym and pumps the tunes through the whole building. They love it. Yesterday, I watched a little girl bumping her hips from side to side as she walked down the hall. They can't resist that

Next we went to get her brother from "school" and as we were leaving she found a four leaf clover. When Daddy got home, we agreed that we should almost frame that report card, and he pointed out that her report card said AOOOAOOOAOOOAOOO which had a nice sound too it. That became the mantra for the rest of the night.

Bug (who lately should be drama queen) has also done awesome this year. She has had straight A's for her entire FRESHMAN year. We haven't received her report card yet, but she basically had to show up, write her name and answer a few questions off each of her finals in order to have an A in the class. Yesterday was her math final, which is her favorite subject. Her math teacher came over in the middle of the period (after she had turned her test in) and informed her that she had an A for the entire year before he even finished grading the multiple choice. The child could almost fail the test and still get an A. She was also given a task to handle before school yesterday morning, and she did it and did it well. I'm so very proud of her for that.

I love my girls, and I'm darned proud of them right now.

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