Saturday, June 14, 2008

The ants go marching

We have ants. We've had ants since the first spring we lived in this house. In the scheme of pests and bugs, ants are low on the ick factor. I get that. But they really become a nuisance fast.

The first spring, DDS and I tried everything we could think of and buy to get rid of those ants. We finally called an exterminator, and although we were $100 poorer, there were no more ants. It was good. I've happily doled out that $100 every 3 months since if it meant no more ants. However, this year is a bumper crop year for them. The spray didn't work. The poor district manager probably sees my phone number(s) and screams. They are everywhere. For a while, they were in our room. We finally got rid of them from there, then they were in our den. They left there and went to our kitchen. WWIII has broken out now. The DM is at my house at least once a week, placing organic powder around my kitchen, and non-organic spray in our yard. Anything to make these things go away. I've scrubbed my cabinets and my appliances, and I'm done with it. They need to go. The other night I watched the ants traipse through the poison, and I chanted "die, die little ants, die" at them. I have nightmares about ants now. Every little whisper across my skin makes me shiver and look for ants to push off. I'm tired of them.

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