Saturday, October 11, 2008

To my best friend

I can't believe we've been together almost 12 years, and married for 11 years today. When I said forever, I meant it. We've been through a lot in these past 12 years. We've definitely been through the sickness, poor and worse times. But we've always gotten through them together.

I know there are times I drive you crazy, just as there are times you drive me crazy. But we work well together. No matter what, I know you support me, even if you don't agree with me.

We've built a very good life together. We have three beautiful children, a nice house and cars, good jobs, and a fulfilling life. I am thankful every day that I said yes, that I've stuck through those bad times, poor times.

I really do feel lost without you here. I know that I can do it without you, but I prefer to do it with you. I know that in a few weeks, the routine will be set and most days won't be such a suck. But right now, today? It sucked. All I want for my anniversary is to hold my husbands hand, curl up in his arms, and have him tell me it will all be alright.

Next year, we will be spending our anniversary somewhere where I can just sit and do that. Preferably with someone to wait on us hand and foot.

I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Stay safe and come home to me.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. Here's to an extra special 12th anniversary in 2009. Complete with a husband.

mommyknows said...

Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our 13th on the 6th.

It must be hard on your own. I spent a couple of years with my husband away working and home only a week at a time every 5-6 weeks. It was tough, but I think it made us stronger. I realized how much I preferred him home than away and I think he found out the same thing.

Take Care.

DDS said...

I love you too and look forward to being with you on our 12th wedding anniversary next year. I thank god every day for blessing me with you for my wife.