Friday, October 24, 2008

Off to the pumpkin patch

There's a local farm market that we usually go to in the fall.  They have a whole little festival thing going on, with two corn mazes, pumpking painting, and other activities.  We usually go out to their pumpkin patch and pick up a pumpkin as well.
This year, it seems like they are truly in it just for the money.  It no longer felt like the quaint farm market.  And then we noticed the pumpkin patch.  I've seen Easter Egg hunts that were harder than the pumpkins in this patch.  It wasn't much better than going to some store and picking one out of a bin.  That wouldn't do at all.
So, this afernoon, my SIL and I took PB and Monster to another patch a few minutes away.  This one has pumpkins and gourds in the you pick area, and still isn't too "commercial."  Of course, my battery died on my camera.  I always forget to charge the stupid thing.  But I was able to click off these two.
We all liked these gourds.  The orange one is as big as a pumpkin.
A good time was had by all.  When we were done, my SIL and I were purusing the little store.  They have lots of neat things, and lots of breakables.  We set our pumpkins on a table while we strolled.  Whenit was time to leave, PB picked hers up before I could get Monster and mine picked up, and the table tilted.  One of the pumpkins went rolling off the table, onto a very nice platter, which went flying onto the floor.  I'm still not sure how neither the pumpkin or the plae didn't break.  We put the plate back, picked up the pumpkins, and got the heck out of dodge.

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