Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drama really is over-rated

I'm always very careful about what I write about here. While I try to maintain some level of anonymity on this blog, some one could figure out who I am and who I am talking about with very little brain power. And while no one in my family reads this site but my husband, I know the day may come when they discover it, so I try hard to be fair to all parties, and keep my fingers closed on some subjects.

But I'm mad. And annoyed. Not with my family (well, not any more than usual anyways), but with a group that I've agreed to hold a leadership position in. And I keep trying to write a post aboout it, vent about it, and I know that someday I will have to answer to that post. So it doesn't come. So I guess a general gripe will have to do.

There are people that agreed to serve in a leadership capacity that haven't stepped up and done anything. There are people who want to complain about when the meetings are, and yet when we reschedule, they can't attend. There are people that just want to complain about everything and never provide input.

But there are also people who believe in what we're doing. People who come to the meetings, no matter what. People who stop and tell me what a difference we're making in other people's lives. They show me that all this drama, all this frustration, it has meaning. And so, for a little while longer, I'll serve. But one day, there is going to be an ugly post up here if things don't get better.

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Anonymous said...

Here's my motto: If you're going to complain about it, do something about it instead. People who bitch and moan and then refuse to fix the problem drive me insane!

I'm sorry you're having to deal with goobers. But try to think about the people who appreciate what you're doing instead. (((hug)))