Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Isn't it supposed to get better every year?

So Monster is the only child enrolled in soccer this year.  PB's age group didn't have enough for a team, and by the time they told us, it was too late to enroll her elsewhere.  Most of the teams starting practicing weeks ago, and the first games were last weekend.  Monster's first practice was last Thurs.  His coach didn't show up, some other person showed up to "help him out."  My mom had taken him since we were off getting our new military ID cards.  It was chaos.  Someone handed out tshirts, and said someone will call you with further info.  No one called.  I asked about it yesterday afternoon, and was told they had finally found  a coach, and that he would have practice tonight at 5 and a game Thurs night at 5:30.  We showed up tonight...no coach.  Several of the moms stepped up to help out, but it was still chaos.  I can't wait for the month of soccer to be over already.

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