Sunday, October 12, 2008


Princess had a busy day planned for us today. This morning she had to be in church to play handbells before late service, and then I had to drive like a maniac (a safe maniac though) to get her to a town 25 minutes away to show her sheep. We got there, and then proceeded to wait over 6 hours until her time to show. Not the fault of anyone we were there with, but oh my, that was a long day. We finally returned home at 8 and had to get ready for the next day. McDonald's on the way home was dinner...yuck.

They went to Sunday School for the first time this year this morning. They've had two other weeks of it, but the first weekend was Bug's spa sleepover, and then last weekend we said goodbye to daddy in the wee hours of the morning. Monster was so excited to go...such a difference from last year. He is doing so well, I am so proud of him.

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