Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wherein I begin counting sheep, and it's not to go to sleep

Tonight was the second part of PB's sheep showing experiences. This is the part that is actually about the sheep. Since she only has one, she only has to go in once, but the rest of the group have lots of sheep that go in several times. There are lots of classes...spring ewe, spring ram, a pair of spring ram and ewe...on and on. The lady who takes care of the sheep regularly knows them all by name, and does a phenonomal job of sending the right ones in with the right people in the right group. I'm constantly amazed. I'm available for holding halters and moving them from the pens up to the show ring. Yup, I'm basically useless, but not completely.

PB didn't even enter the ring until after 8 pm tonight, so by the time we were done with the sheep, had our desert (fair junk food, yummmy) and got home, it was late. See what time I'm writing this?

I have some pics of the sheep. Perhaps I'll get them up on Flickr so you can all aww how cute their are.

And her sheep, it was last in it's group. But she didn't really care, because her ribbon matched her shirt. She has her priorities set right, doesn't she?

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