Monday, July 21, 2008

I am a Rock my mind (Part 2)

Next up was Staind. They put on a great show. Aaron, the lead singer of Staind, did an amazing cover of "Turn the Page." Just him and his guitar up there. It gave both of us goosebumps.

As a side note, we were sitting to the far left of the stage. There were around 12 tour buses to the left of the back of the stage. We were enjoying guessing who belonged with which bus, and there was an awning set up near them. Towards the end of Staind's set, members of Hinder came out with beer bottles in hand and hung out listening. People were taking pictures and going up to the barrier to try and get their attention. During the break before 3 Doors Down, I noticed two young women joining them, shaking hands. I commented to hubby about the "fresh meat" joining the band. The 15-20 minutes of down time was spent watching the strange people trying to get their attention and the progress of the girls. By the middle of the set, one of the girls and one of the band members had disappeared. I take my entertainment where I can.

3 Doors Down came out and sang Train, which is the first song on their new album. Earlier this week I had purchased their new album and had several days of non-stop from 3 of their albums, so I knew every song they played. The second song was Kryptonite...this song could arguably be in my top 5 favorite songs of all time. The entire concert was so could tell how much their lead singer, Brad Arnold, enjoyed himself up there. And when he thanked the crowd, he sounded so sweet with his little southern accent. They played so many great songs, when it came time for the encore, I couldn't even think what song was left. Uh, duh....Not My Time, their curren signal.

All in all, this was a great concert. It brought me back to my younger days...and while I love my life as it is, it's nice to be reminded of those simpler times.

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BeachMama said...

I miss the State Fair every year. They were setting up when we were down, it is not far from my Aunts house. Perhaps next year when we go for two weeks, we will try to do it during the Fair so we can go. Glad you enjoyed the concert and the extra entertainment ;).