Friday, July 25, 2008

Feeling the breeze in my air

Tonight the hubs and I took the kids out on the boat. This boat has been sitting all summer, as we thought it was really broken and needed to go the shop. Hubby investigated a bit more earlier this week and found that it was fixable here instead, so we took it out for the first time this summer. This is important to know. We live near the ocean...sometimes we forget how close, but it's really just a few miles away. So off we went, heading out to drop some crab pots, let the kids throw out a line a few times, enjoy the exhilaration, etc. We launch the boat and head out, and the boat stalls. Monster, ever so optimistic, starts matter of factly discussing how we will be stuck out in the ocean forever, never to return. When we point out that we have oars and could begin rowing, and we're just a few yards away from the shore, he's not deterred. He does point out that his "yittle bitty arms" couldn't get us back there. Hubby worked diligitantly and finally the motor was working again. We went out a bit and dropped off the pots, and then headed back into the inlets to explore. We found a nice spot to drop anchor, and the kids threw out a few lines. It was just a few, cause the attention spans were waning. Then we went really fast a little further away, and then back again. We enjoyed spotting various wild life, the scenery, and just the relaxation of the whole evening. When we finally got home, ordered and ate dinner and showered, it was 10:30. Thank goodness we can sleep in some tomorrow.


swampy said...

Are you still sleeping? Just checking to see if you're awake today.

BeachMama said...

Wow, that sounds fabulous. Can I admit that I have never been on a boat in the ocean? Never! I have been windsurfing down in the Inlet, but no boat. Glad it kept going for you.