Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This morning we had to be back at the fairgrounds bright and early so that PB could show her sheep, Baab. Yes, you say it like the sound that sheep make. She's witty, that one.

This morning was the fitting and showmanship competition. This is the part of the contest that judges the kids and how they groom and show their sheep. (As a side note, why is sheep singular and plural? It sounds so wrong to say sheep for one.) PB's sheep is a Tunis breed. Friends of ours own the sheep, but they offered to let her start showing them for last year's fair, and they "give" her one each year. She goes down and works with them some before the fair each year, and spends a ton of time at the fair helping out with them. She really enjoys it, and I see it as such a great life experience. Since she hasn't been doing this long, and the sheep doesn't live with us, her time and experience in fitting and showmanship is very limited. We're truly happy if she just manages to beat someone else, and she was able to do that in both classes this year.

I spent the latter part of my childhood living in the middle of farm country and I grew up around farm animals, so being at the fair brings back great memories for me. Seeing my little mini-me doing some of the things I helped my friends do is so much fun. And when she gets all dudded up, I want to nibble on her cause she's so cute.

Tomorrow will be a late night, as she helps show the sheep and we're one of the last groups to go. I'm sure I'll have lots to share!

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