Friday, July 18, 2008

A night at the theater

Tonight, PB performed in the Missoula Children's Theater version of Robin Hood. MCT is a traveling children's theater workshop. They come into town in a red pick up truck with a cap on back. This truck contains everything that is needed to put on a certain musical except the actors. The musicals are variations on classic that have been re-written by MCT. They're shorter, usually funnier, versions of the original. The truck is driven by two directors, who have gone through intensive training in how to make everything work. The two directors work with the kids for roughly 6 hours each day after try outs, and on Friday night they perform. These children memorize the entire performance (roughly an hour and half long) in these few hours...and it's truly a sight to behold. Audience members laugh along and everyone walks away talking about how good the performance was.

Last year, they performed the Wizard of Oz, and PB was a munchkin. This year she was a guard. She enjoys this so much, we make a point of not scheduling anything else for her this week. I know that local groups/businesses sponsor the MCT workshop, which makes it totally free for the kids.

There's a documentary film being released about this organization. The Little Red Truck is showing in a limited number of cities, but it looks like something I would love to see. I hope it eventually shows in more theaters or goes to video.

And after the performance, we went to Rita's Water Ice. What a sweet ending to the day.

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