Friday, August 15, 2008


I hate that cliche, but today, it fits.  It has been a long week, and I'm tired. 

Last night I began painting the kids bathroom.  I managed to get everything done except a second coat on the trim.  Tonight I finished that, painted some water for the duckies to float on, and realized I need a new shower curtain and a new cabinet above the toilet.  Sometime tomorrow I'll have to hunt for that.  I'm very happy with the results, but I can't wait until we have it all put together.

Hubby and I went out for a date night tonight.  We went to a little Italian restaurant and we were the only ones there.  I was very surprised, as they are normally busy.  I'm thinking the somewhat late hour (it was almost 9) account for this, and I have to say it was very nice.

Now hubby is sacked out on the couch, and I am about to send us both to bed.  We go get PB tomorrow, and tomorrow night all of our kidlins will be back under our roof.  I've enjoyed the "vacation" from mothering, but I'm ready for them to come home.

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