Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And we spend money on toys why?

My son is obsessed with rocks right now.  He carries them everywhere he goes.  Tonight he spent 25 minutes laying (lying?) on the floor playing with these rocks and some rubber bands. But these are not just ordinary rocks.  Oh no.  These are Bakugan rocks.  What is Bakugan?  You must not have a young boy living in your house.  Think the new Pokemon.  I try to limit these shows, but somehow, he still knows all about it, and is obsessed with them righ now. And this part of it, it doesn't bother me at all.  Because he picks up these little rocks, and builds great stories with them. He nurtures and cares for them as if they were real beings.  And I figure those are bad games to play.

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Chelsea said...

Whenever my mom asks what she can get my youngest for Christmas or his birthday, I always say, "A box of dirt, some rocks, and a stick." Really, that's all a little boy needs! Oh, and a roll of duct tape.
His $200 Thomas the Tank Engine set rarely gets touched, but give the kid a shovel and a dirt patch and he's happy for hours.