Sunday, August 03, 2008

I am a mean, mean mommy

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had forced my kidlins to take a nap. Yes, my children are older. But we've learned that if PB doesn't have enough sleep, she will cease talking and will just whine, stomp and stare at you if you say Boo to her. So, when we know she is too tired, we require her to go to bed. And when little Mr. Monster is too tired, he just can't behave. There is no listening wire running from his ear to his brain. After a week of camping with our friend, these kids were exhausted...and they both rose very early yesterday morning. These facts, combined with the heat of the Peach Ice Cream Day, combined to make some very tired kiddies.

Monster put up his token protest, but was passed out cold within 10 minutes. PB, she turned sneaky. I stood in her doorway, wondering what was going on under the covers that were steadily moving around her head. I cleared my throat, and received the big eye, cheese eating smile stare from under the covers. I walked over to see what she was doing...Playing her Nintendo DS under the covers. I take the the game away, and tell her to go to sleep. I go back to check on her 30 minutes later, and she's hurridly throwing paper and markers out of her bed. I point out that she isn't getting out of bed until she sleeps, so if she wants to spend her time doing other things, she'll miss out on the funner stuff later. She was passed out cold 5 minutes later. They both slept until almost 5:00, so I'm thinking that the naps were very needed.

Then I turned even meaner, and we straightened their rooms. I know. Seriously.

Today is PJ day. A little more straightening, and then some sewing. Should be nice.

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