Monday, August 11, 2008

Isn't it lovely

The Lurchers is our hostess for this weeks Fun Monday. Her task for us is:

Show me your favourite photograph and tell me why it's your favourite.It can be one you've taken yourself or one someone else has taken, a snapshot or a more professional image. Is there a story behind it? Do you love it for the memories it gives or just because it's pleasing to the eye? Show me and tell me!

This is a difficult task for me, because the majority of my favorite pictures are of my family. And seeing how I have a no faces clause on my blog at this time, it narrows down my possibilities greatly.

This is a picture from vacation this year. It's PB and Monster exploring on the beach. I love the colors, and how small they appear. Mostly, I love how they interact together. This will have to be my favorite for this task.

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my4kids said...

It's on the beach which makes it a great photo in my opinion. I love the beach!

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Oh this is such a perfect image! It captures a moment and is just lovely!