Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the Olympics have started?

Maybe it was too much Mario and Sonic at the Olympics on the Wii, or maybe I don't watch enough television. But I really didn't realize it was time for the Olympics until my SIL mentioned the opening ceremonies Friday evening. I saw the US march in. And tonight, I watched the Men's Beach Volleyball and now swimming. I'm excited for Michael Phelps, and I'm patriotic, but I'm just not feeling it this year.

While I hate corporate plugs as much as the next person, I had heard about the "Olympic Soundtrack." Tonight, while watching the Olympics on TV, I saw a commercial about it, so I went in search of the site. AT & T has created this soundtrack, and it appears to only be available as download from ITunes or on your AT & T phone. The songs aren't too bad, and it's a nice variety of types of music. The interviews are amusing, and reading/watching the different artists answer what Olympic sport they would excel at made me giggle out loud a few times.

DDS and I attended our first Band parent meeting tonight. I can not believe I'm a band parent. And the scary part is, I could possibly be involved in this organization for the next 13 years. Yes, I'm serious, 13 years. I know. Yep, that's a lot of time. I might get a year off in three years, and then again in 8 years. That's one of the (few) down sides of having your kids so far apart.

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Mr. Noodle said...

Wow! never thought about being a band parent. I was a band kid but, fortunately, it appears I am going to miss being a band parent.

Seems like thats a good thing somehow...

Mr. Noodle