Saturday, August 02, 2008

A peach of a day

Today, PB, Monster and I joined my mom and grandmom at our local Peach Festival. Well, technically we didn't actually go to the festival. The town has the Peach Festival, and it's all stupid booths selling fair food (which we are sick of after the fair two weeks ago) and stupid craft items that people have been selling since I was a kid (soda bottle art anyone). Basically, it's a festival of kids begging for crap that we don't need. But the local Orchard/Farm has it's own little Festival. It's called Peach Ice Cream Day. And they call it that, because you peach ice cream. Seriously. They partner with a dairy farm from the state, which has it's own creamery. The orchard provides the peaches, and the creamery makes the ice cream. They give away thousands of ice cream cones from 9:oo am until 3:00 pm.

In addition to the free ice cream (which is soooo yummy. Did I mention fresh cream and peaches make it? I did? Oh.) they also have a little petting zoo and a DJ. There's a store there as well, and you can buy all sorts of fresh produce, local honey, etc. For a small fee ($1 a person, to a maximum of $5 per family) you can ride on trailer behind a tractor touring the farm/orchard, learning about the crops. We do this every year. Yes, it's pretty much the same speech, and we've had the same "guide" for the last three years. But it's fun to see what changes they've made each year. And during the ride, you get to stop in the orchard and pick your own peach. That alone is worth the price of the ride. Everyone searches the trees for the perfect peach...and they are soooo yummy.

After wandering through the store, we came home with some ice cream for daddy (we had to buy it, but that's okay. Have I mentioned it's really yummy? I have? Sorry.), fresh blueberries, corn on the cob and some Honey.

Did you know that honey purchased from local beekeepers helps allergy sufferers? Since the bees are only exposed to local pollen, eating the honey helos build your tolerance to those pollens. This helps to reduce your reactions to these pollens. It costs a little more, but I look at it as prevention as much as an ingredient. And really, it just tastes better.

We've come home, had a litle lunch, and now I will force my kidlins to nap. I know, I'm mean that way.

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