Saturday, April 12, 2008

What a busy day

So we had the Monster's first soccer game this morning. He was awesome! He played goalie first period and he was on it. He was blocking and kicking and having so much fun. It was great fun to watch. PB had several friends at the fields, and she asked if she could hang out with them on the playground. Since it's in sight of the field, I said yes. Her team was having a voluntary practice at 10 several blocks away at the school. I had been glancing up for her every so often...and when the game was over, I went to find her and take her to her practice. It was after 10, and as I was walking to the car, one of the ladies who work at the Youth Center gave me PB's inhaler that she found in the bathroom. My mom and I hollered and looked for her, but she couldn't be found. One of the Youth Center employees told us she saw her walking with another member of her team towards the schools field. I was so pissed at her. My mom drove me over there and she was out on the field. I called her over, and she knew as soon as she saw me that she was in trouble and exactly why. After practice was over, she came home and began her chores without being reminded, and actually added some on her own. I decided that being embarrassed in front of her friends, the talk we had on the way home, and the chores were her punishment. I knew that the 2 block walk to the school with another child I know well wasn't dangerous for her, but it was just the fact that she didn't ask first. Which is what I explained.

Now it's off to finish cleaning our house...we have friends coming over to hang out tonight, and the house is a pig sty. Have a great rest of Saturday.

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