Sunday, April 27, 2008

Remind me that I love her...

Bug reminds me this weekend that she needs a costume for the school musical that's in less than 2 weeks. She needs TWO skirts, a shirt and an apron or vest, Scottish if you please. Oh, and her drama instructor hasn't assigned clans yet, so she's not sure what colors she'll be needing them made from.

So off to the not so fun local fabric chain to pick out material. And I told her to figure out a color and go with it, and the instructor would have to deal. They didn't pull out the costumes until a week or so ago, they only have kilts for the boys, and they haven't decided who is going to be with each of the clans (of course, this is what the 14 year old is telling me. I know it may not be 100% accurate). Am I off to say that the costumes should have been one of the first things reviewed after assigning roles? With enough time, I would have offered to help create costumes. I'm very frustrated, but this isn't the first time this has happened (different teacher though), and it's widely thought that she will be gone next year, so I'm sucking it up and moving on. But I've made a note that if she does the school productions next year, I'm speaking to the teacher very early.

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