Thursday, April 03, 2008

Organized? I wish

I love office and organizational supplies. Do they have a group for those of us addicted to these things? Well, at least I know that I'm not alone. Organization is the subject of this months Color Me Happy Swaparooni.

I was about to post a little bit to my likes/dislikes on the Flickr group when I found some great links from OMSH. SeeJaneWork may be one of my new favorites. So many cute things. I love this doorganizer. What a great way to be sure you get all those important little things in the morning. The Eat Sheet and The Balance Sheet are both great ideas. KidLists...I've been trying to make sure the kidlins get their stuff together in the mornings. Trying to keep the checkbook balanced and all of those receipts in one place? Notebooks, clips, markers, little containers for stuff. Oh yeah, it's all there, and all so lovely.

Want to join our swaparooni? Head on over and read the guidelines. And any contributions to my supply fund will be greatly appreciated :)

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