Monday, September 22, 2008

Sorry for the busy signal

There is a lot going on here right now, and it's sucking my time in a big way.  Hubby leaves in 2 weeks, Bug is creating a commotion, PB turns 10 tomorrow, work is crazy (as it seems to have been for the last 10 months...WTH?) and normal life still has to go on.  I'm not overly stressed, as I've decided not to allow the stress to get me so much.  But I'm annoyed a lot.

I want to touch on the no stress thing.  Don't get me wrong, when I'm leaving work in a hurry to get the kids picked up and dinner on the table and all of us to where we need to be, I'm feeling some stress.  But I've remembered something I used to know.  It's okay if things aren't perfect.  Good enough is just fine.  And it's okay to say no.  It's hard, but it's okay.  These are my mantras over the next year.

There's a lot I need to vent about, but I just don't feel I can here at this time.

Tomorrow will be a post for PB...I can't believe she's hitting the double digits already.

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