Tuesday, September 02, 2008

where have I been?

It's been a long week.

Last Sunday (the 24th) the Monster was complaining that his head and neck hurt.  After internally calming myself, I checked his forehead and realized he was running a fever.  I asked him to show us where it hurt and he pointed to his forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, neck...etc.  We gave him some zyrtec and tylenol, figuring he had somehow developed a sinus infection.  I hadn't been feeling good for a few days, and figured I had a UTI.  So, Monday morning, I went to work for a bit, called my doctor when they opened, went in and was confirmed with the first UTI I've had in over 11 years.  After leaving there, I called Monster's pediatrician, swung by and picked him up from daddy, and headed to his doctors.  A quick look in his mouth confirmed that he had at least tonsilitis, possibly strep.  The throat culture in the office came back negative for the strep, but antibiotics where started anyway.  I came home and rested for a bit, then went and got our prescriptions filled.  From the pharmacy on the base to the school to pick up PB and take her to the podiatrist.  She has a wart on her toe, and it needed to be removed.  Considering how much she freaks out for these types of things, I wasn't excited.  But she was a trooper and they put the treatment on and wrapped it.  So scorecard...3 doctor visits in one day, in less than 8 hours.  Fun. 

I went to my stamp club, and as I walked in the door, DDS was putting PB's wrap back on her toe.  Monster had accidently pulled it off.  Argh.  Tuck them in bed.  Go to bed ourselves a bit later.  Not long after crawling into bed, here comes PB, telling us she can't sleep, doesn't feel good, her head hurts.  We give her some tylenol and cuddles and send her back to bed.

Tuesday comes and goes.  My mom came and stayed with Monster, as he was taken out of school until Wednesday.  Yep, 5th day of school and he's already missed 2.  Yay!  Tuesday night, bedtime, PB starts the crying about her stomach and head again.  We give her some OTC's and give each other that helpless look.  She's up and down for a bit, then passes out mumbling about school.

Wednesday, more work. Really tired from not getting much sleep.  Monster goes back to school, and when I pick him and PB up, they are both complaining of headaches.  We bring them home and PB and I talk about what's bothering her about school.  I give them OTC's, feed and put them to bed.  11:00, PB is crying, telling us her head is killing her.  I give her some more meds and let her cuddle with me.  We talk about daddy leaving, school, etc.  She giggles, then cries, then giggles, then cries.  Argh, I just need sleep.  12:15, the Monster comes in crying that his head is killing him.  I can't take it, I call the Pediatrician.  We go through the checklist and she tells me there is a virus going around that causes these very painful headaches.  We figure out the correct dosage of OTC's, and she tells me if they aren't better in the morning to bring them in.  I have to run out to Wal-mart to get some more meds.  Yay...Wal-mart at 12:30 at night.  I come home, and they are passed out in our bed.  I cuddle in with the two of them and DDS and get to sleep off and on for an hour.  Monster wakes back up, cries, then runs to his own room.  I follow, redose (since he fell asleep before receiving the earlier dose) and cuddle with him until he finally passes out at 3:00...and me with him in his bed, finally getting to pass out as well. 

6 am Thursday morning, and I have to get up for work and to take the Bug to school.  PB and Monster get up and claim they feel better but not good.  They go to school, I go to work, DDS goes to work.  We're all exhausted.  We come home, and DDS and I take naps.  PB and Monster still don't feel good.  We eat dinner, dose them, and send them to bed.  DDS and head up, and here comes PB.  She is up and down, crying and sleepwalking until close to 5 am.  I am ready to cry. 

The kids didn't have school Friday, so DDS and I took the day off to spend with them.  It dawned overcast and icky, and none of us felt great, so we did some errands and chores that had to be done.  We put PB to bed for a nap.  Much later, she wakes up with 103 degree fever.  Of course it's after the doctor's office closes.  We call, and they tell us to bring her in Sat morning.  She sleeps with Bug tonight, and mumbles, cries, moans and groans until the wee hours.  In her sleep. 

Now let me tell you, we talked about taking them in, but after being told that this was probably a viral thing, and just headaches that only hit at night, and looking at all the upheaval the children have had and will have int he next month, we figured it was more a mental/emotional thing.  So what was the doctor really going to do?

But now, with the fever and all, I take her in.  4 hours later, we've visited the lab and she's had blood drawn and peed in a cup, then we headed to the hospital and had chest and head xrays.  They don't have any idea what's wrong. Probably something viral, but let's test to rule out.  She spends the rest of the day attached to me, whining, crying, and just generally clinging.  I'm slowly losing my mind.  We put them all to bed and head to bed ourselves.  I lay in bed praying with all my heart that she be given some peace...that she sleeps all night...that she feels better in the morning.  It's the mantra I fall asleep to, almost in tears. 

Sunday morning dawns, and she's healed.  Nothing wrong whatsoever, no headache, no fatigue, nothing.  We say our thanks to God and head to the beach. 

Monday she seems fine as well.  I breathe a sigh of relief that she is better and it was apparently "just viral."

If course, she was supposed to go back for a check up today, but since she seemed fine, I cancelled the appointment.  Why expose her to other illnesses?  They agree and say the doctor will call if they need to see her.  I get home to two messages...argh.  Call my cell or my office.  Anyway, now I have to try and get her in tomorrow, because apparently there was something in her bloodwork.  But she's sleeping.  And now so am I.

I have so much to post about fo other things, but first, I need sleep.

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