Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Totally Tuesday

Ms. PB had another one of her bedtime episodes last night.  I finally just had her crawl into bed with me, that way when she woke up, I could comfort her and we would both be back to sleep in minutes.  It helped, but dang I'm tired today. 

Last night was Bug's Parent Info Night.  Her teachers all seemed like good people.  Her science teachers were both a bit off (it's a team teaching class.  Two teachers, some kids that are very good academically, and some kids that aren't.  Bug is very good academically, without having to work too hard at it.  That will bite her in the butt in a few years.  I digress).  The team teaching is good for her, as her best friend gets to be in her class, when she otherwise wouldn't be.  But the teachers....one blinks.  A lot.  And they're those long blinks.  Bug and her friends counted today, and he blinked 34 times in less than an hour.  That's more than once every 2 minutes.  And he keeps his eyes closed for 30 seconds or so.  I know, I shouldn't pick, but wow it was sooooo annoying last night.  The other is a big flirt.  Flip the hair, smooth the pants.  She looked really uncomfortable, but flirty at the same time.  It was a sight.  Her Math, Spanish and Band teachers are the same, which is okay for her.  Her poor math teacher...she needs to be in a higher level class, but the school won't give her that option for another year.  So she finishes everything really quickly, and then she pesters him.  It's good natured, and he doesn't really mind, but still.  And of course, in that class, it was us and one other family.  That blows my mind.  25-30 students and 2 families show up.  Wow!

I'm really enjoying Bug's high school experience.  I re-read "To Kill A Mockingbird" with her last year and I'm looking forward to reading some of the things with her this year.  Her father is going to read the books while he's in the sandbox so that they can email discuss them.  I think this will be a good way for them to keep connected, and I'm glad he thought of it. 

Now tomorrow night is PB's night.  I have a plethora of things to post about, and not a lot of time, energy or creativity to do it.  Got to write these things down!

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