Saturday, September 06, 2008

What a good day

Monster went to spend some one on one time with Nana last night, so I took the girls to Olive Garden for dinner. It was a very nice time, but I was soooooo tired. I came home, laid down to read and fell asleep. I woke up a few minutes before 10 and went to tell them to go to bed, and they were already in PJ's and climbing into bed. DDS had drill, so he came home around 10:30, gave them hugs and kisses and off to dream land they went.

This morning, the girls and I joined my mom and took a short little roadtrip to the larger city near us. We went to Interior Alternatives...this is the Waverly material outlet. I LOVE this place. Great prices on nice material. We also went to the much larger Jo-Ann's and to a quilt shop up there. Lunch at Red Robin (we had never been before. Not bad.) and then home in the afternoon, it was all very nice. The girls were pleasant and didn't fight until we were almost home. We picked up some great deals on material, and now I'm itching to sew.

I want to start an Etsy store. I have an account, but don't know that I want my shop to just be mamalang. I know it's my user name on a lot of sites, but I think I need something different over there. I'll have to think about it. Any ideas?

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