Thursday, September 11, 2008

Local Love

My swap buddy, LR Monkeytoes, sent me these awesome, gorgeous items from her home state of Michigan. I love everything, actually wearing the bracelet and carrying the tote bag today.  The tote is made out of some really soft material.  I want to rub it all the  This was from the Color Me Happy Swaparooni group over on Flickr.  I always love the swaps...great themes and awesome gifts.

I'm a proud mama tonight.  The new Youth Center had it's ribbon cutting ceremony today, and my baby boy was on TV helping to cut that ribbon.  The new facility is awesome...I wish I was a school age child so I could stay and play.  Computers, craft/sewing rooms, new games, a huge gym, boom boxes in every room, comfortable furniture, a locker room.  It's all so gorgeous, and so exciting.  I can't wait until they all start actually going there Monday. It was already a great program, with great people, and now they have the facility and room to do all the things they've envisioned for years. 

Happy Love Thursday everyone.

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