Saturday, May 24, 2008

Picasso and Roomie

Back when I was a Purdue Undergrad, I met this nice girl in a class the first week of classes. She was friendly and local, and we became friends. She talked me into going to a Little Sister rush with her and her best friend. And surprisingly, I walked away from that house knowing I had found my home on campus. When your pledge period is over, the Little Sister liaison from the fraternity gives you a nickname. The best friend had become my best friend, and we were the three amigos together. My name was Roomie, and her name was Picasso. The third girl, the one that brought us together...we eventually lost touch. Her life changed, and she left school well before us. But Picasso and I, we stuck it out. We lived in a one bedroom apartment together for 2 years, then moved into a 3 bedroom with a crazy chick, and then I shared her efficiency for several months. And almost 17 years later, we're still best friends. We have never managed to live closer than 12 hours apart, but we're still friends. We still have the same thoughts and views on so many subjects. She's PB's godmother, and their honorary Aunt. And when she got off the plane, she had the same pair of shoes I had in my closet at home, just in brown (mine are black).

Let's not wait another five years.

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