Thursday, May 29, 2008

A beat of a different drummer

My Monster, who is definitely the baby, has always been a unique person. He is neither a follower or a leader. He prefers to small groups or his own company, but is content to deal with crowds at times as well. Kids his age don't flock to him, but if asked, they all like him. He has a HUGE imagination and shares it freely with anyone who will listen. Luckily, we've only encountered people who appreciate his stories, and don't point out the flaws, or that dragons aren't real. (Good thing, since we live with 124 of them at last count).

So it was really no surprise to me when he asked for a mohawk last Saturday. His father asked him if he was ready for the annual summer buzz cut, and Monster impishly but matter of factly stated that he wanted a mohawk. So daddy took him out and gave him one. And he's very proud of it. Several people that know him pretty well have decided that it suits his attitude perfectly. And several others have commented on the fact that they couldn't believe we allowed him to have this hairstyle.

DDS and I believe that our children should be allowed to express themselves. They are finding out who they are, and I want them to have the freedom to explore and discover what that means. I always felt self-concious as a child, and would never have dared something so extreme. I'm proud that my kids are a little off the main stream sometimes, and that other peoples opinions of these things doesn't really bother them. PB has a really cute outfit consisting of a pink polka dotted shirt and madras plaid pink shorts. Sounds awful, but she sure pulls it off. I've heard several teachers, friends, and parents comment to her that they don't know many people with the ability to pull that off, but she does.

So here's to learning to love yourself this Love Thursday. It's something my children are teaching me.

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