Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love in many forms

I saw a lot of love today. My hubby had PRK surgery on his eyes at Walter Reed Medical Center. Members of the Army from all over come here to receive services. Some are bussed in as groups from far away bases, and some come all on their own. They are required to bring someone with them for the actual surgery day (they have 2 appts before the day of surgery and two after, so 5 visits in 5 days) and for the 2 follow up visits. I saw fathers and wives with babies there, waiting patiently for their loved ones. In the hallways, I saw visitors bringing gifts to soldiers there recovering. I saw soldiers with their kids. What I saw the and pride. It was a very nice experience.

And let's add to the love. Love is driving 5 hours round trip 3 times in 5 days into a major metropolitan area. But I do love him, and the ability to see without contacts or glasses is something he has pined for since before I knew him, so I'm happy to do it for him.

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