Thursday, February 28, 2008

Love Thursday

There's this little thing in blogdom called Love Thursday...and I'm probably not following the rules exactly, but here it goes anyway.

Not sure if I mentioned it, but hubby is away this week. He's only about an hour or so away...close enough, but just a little too far to visit regularly. Last night, he drove home to attend Bugs Midwinter Choral and Band Concert and then drove back after. This afternoon, he sent me a text to ask what we were doing tonight and if we would join him for dinner. So we did. We are very certain that he will be far away from our state in a few short months for a significant amount of time, and we are cherishing every moment with each other. And that nourished more than my body, it nourished my soul.

And that's my Love Thursday.

(Just a note...tomorrow is the Blog 365 day of posting...let's see if I can resist)

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Anonymous said...

A perfectly lovely Love Thursday post. Get it, love-ly? hahahahaa