Saturday, February 02, 2008

A three letter word for Donkey...or Butt

Tonight on the way home from my moms house, the Monster says "Mama, what about that guy that says a$$." I wasn't sure what he was trying to say, because he sometimes confuses words. I said, "what guy that asks?" He says, "no mama, the one that says a$$. You know, the skeleton dude...he loses his a$$."

Okay, I was so glad he couldn't see me, cause I was laughing so hard. Daddy steps in and tells the Monster that he shouldn't say that word. So the Monster begins to sing it..."a$$ A$$ A$$" with giggles in betweens. I'm biting my finger trying not to laugh out loud at him. My husband and him continue the conversation, and I say "Butt" and that gets him singing Butt for a while. We sing some funny words (poop, butt, noo noo head, etc.) and then he busts out the a$$ again. Daddy finally tells him if he says it again, he's going to have to punish him when we get home. He agrees to stop saying a$$.

We get home, and my husband reminds him we don't say a$$ or another curse word we've heard him say lately. I hear him say back to daddy..."okay, I won't say those bad words anymore."

I know it's inappropriate, but it struck me as so funny...and that irritated the heck out of my hubby, which made me giggle even worse.

Sorry, Hunny, but I had to deal with PB when she went through this its your turn for his.

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