Saturday, February 09, 2008

Wow, finally, 100 posts. Took me long enough.

Everyone always talks about "teenagers" with a roll of their eyes. They complain that teenagers are mouthy, always petulant, always tired, always bored. But surprising, I'm finding the teenage years to be better than the preteen/adolescent years with Bug. The disagreements over chores are farther apart, and sometimes she actually shows intiative and does something without being told. We talk about things, and we joke and have fun. Last night, we did Tae Bo to a DVD I bought. And we laughed, and joked, and worked out together. And it was fun. I'm not ready to be her friend yet (someday, when she's an adult, we'll try for that), but it's nice to be able to find common ground, especially when we were warned how these would be the hard years.

It also gives me hope for PB's future...cause that preteen attitude is going to be her downfall soon.
Daddylang is off playing military man this week. He's only an hour drive away, but it might as well be the other side of the world. At least we get to have regular phone contact with him. Actually, when he had to do his drill weekends back when Bug was little, she would say he was "Playing Army". This always made me chuckle.
It was a busy day. I had my quilting class, then we had to do some shopping, then a birthday party, then dinner, and then Bug and I destroyed my bed. My new mattress arrives tomorrow, and next weekend my hubby should be building our new headboard. I can't wait. Once that is all done, the only thing left to finish off my room is artwork and hardwood floors. Then it will be my sanctuary (actually, it already is, but it will be more so once it's actually completed).
Hope you have a beautiful tomorrow.

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Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I love that you still have fun with your kiddo.

Gives me hope. :)