Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little man

The Monster is growing up so fast. We went to the library for a bit this evening while waiting for Bug to finish at play tryouts, and he was so polite and well behaved. I really wanted to ask him who he was and where he came from. This is the child that at 18 months was doing chin ups on the bars that held the hanging bags. For him to sit and quietly play with puzzles, pick out books, and listen to what he was told was a huge step in the right direction.

Every once in a while he does something that makes me realize that I'm raising what will be a good man. This afternoon, as we were leaving his "school", his main teacher was walking back down to his class after delivering snack around. He made a point of stopping her to say goodbye, and he said "Ms. S, I really love your new hair cut, it's so pretty." This wasn't a drastic change in her hair, just simply styled a different way, but he noticed.

He also told me tonight that he wants to go buy me something shiny and pretty, like bow, to show me how very much he loves me. I was the recipient of a great number of hugs and kisses tonight, and we even read a story about animals and love before bed tonight. I really do wish I could keep him this age for a lot longer than it lasts.

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Irish Coffeehouse said...

Your little Monster sounds like an absolute sweetheart! Enjoy those years... they go by quicker the older they get. :(