Saturday, February 02, 2008

He'll always be my Valentine

Heather at OMSH is having superfab give away from Shannon of It's A Mad Mad Squirrels World. They want us to tell them how we met our Valentines.

I was living here in the Mid-Atlantic region after graduating college and (stupidly) following a boy here. That didn't work out, so I moved in with my father to save up some money and wait for bestest friend to graduate so we could move on. It was my nephew's birthday, and my stepmom was having his birthday party at a local kids play place. Hubby was the room helper for his party, and he knew my nephews mom. He thought I was "cute" but I was holding a baby (my niece) and had a ring on my finger (to keep guys from bothering me). I thought he was cute, but he was talking about his daughter, so I assumed he was married. Somehow, he finds out that I'm not married, engaged or otherwise involved, and asks her for my number. She makes sure she tells me that he is divorced and has custody of his daughter. He calls and asks me to go out, and I agree as friends. I'm not planning on staying in the area and I'm not looking for a boyfriend. A few weeks later, I meet his adorable daughter. Her and my nephew hit it off, so they come over often. We're going out, enjoying each other's company. Then he buys me a ring for Valentine's Day. Just a ring, a pretty sapphire ring. Except late that night, he looks over and says "Marry Me." I said "Yeah, right...are you serious?." "Yes, I am." Oh..."uhm...yes."

And 8 months later we were married. I always tease him that I fell in love with Bug, and he was just the baggage that came along. But he knows, I couldn't live without him. I feel lucky every day to have found my mate, my other half, my Valentine.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for single parent "how we met" stories, since I was one. Very, very sweet.