Saturday, March 01, 2008


Loralee is asking for our prom stories, and since I am a lemming it sounds fun, I thought I would try and dredge up those memories.

My final high school had a junior/senior prom. The juniors did all the work, raised all the money and paid to attend, and the seniors did nothing and attended for free. I was on the Prom committee my junior year. I bought the dress, decided on the hair, had a date and cute shoes...and was diagnosed with Mono the week before. Yes, mono...the only known case in three counties. So, I didn't attend prom that year. My boyfriend came over and we watched movies and DIDN'T kiss.

I have to give an aside here. My boyfriend was in college an hour away. This was before the days of cell phones and such. I had to call his mom to tell her I had mono. Here's the conversation...

Me: Hi Mrs. M. It's me, J's girlfriend.
Her: Hi sweetie. What's up?
Me: Well, I had to go to the doctor and have blood work today, and I found out...
Her: (interrupting) OMG, please do not tell me your pregnant!
Me: Uhm, no...uhm, really...uhm, I was just going to tell you I have mono. So he might want to be aware in case he doesn't feel well.
Her: Oh thank God. I'm so glad that's it.

Uhm, yeah, I had been dating her son for about a month at that time. Great conversation.

Anyway, back to prom.

So my Senior year, I had the dress and shoes and all that taken care of. I even splurged for some tanning since I didn't have to buy all that stuff. The only thing missing was my date.

Finally, in a fit of desperation, one of my best (male) friends and I decided to go together. At the last minute, our other friends boyfriend got sick and she joined us. We went to everyone's house and did the required pictures, headed through the Golden Arches for dinner, and off we went. Prom itself was pretty lame...dancing and hanging out, just dressed better. But turned out to be a blast.

One of the girls had a boy from another state come to accompany her. She basically ditched him at after-prom to flirt with some other guy. So he hung out with us. He was cute and we had fun. After the party, we drove around the huge university in town, picking flowers (I learned later how illegal that was) closing down taco bell, and just generally running wild. It was a really good time, and one of my best memories from high school.

Of course, getting to work by 11 am the next day sucked, but it was good practice for college.


Loralee Choate said...

I so love that you went to McDonalds for prom!!!

Jettie said...

OOHh gosh!!
My sister fainted once in church my dad freaked out thought she was pregnant!!

Anonymous said...

I love your prom stories. Best I've ever heard, except my mom's since she found out she was pregnant with me right before Senior Prom. She went anyway and got sick all over my dad's shoes. Ah, young love.