Friday, March 07, 2008

March Madness

First the Madness. PB's school has this function every year in March. I remember 5 years ago when Bug was in 4th grade feeling just as frustrated. Nothing is sent home about this. I don't know what this program is for, and it always seems to be thrown together at the last minute. The 4th and 5th grade classes play basketball games against the other 4th or 5th grade classes during the week, and the two classes with the highest points in each grade level play against each other on Friday night. We found out today that PB was playing and needed a yellow shirt. Today. The function was tonight. Nothing was sent home...she was just told in class. We receive an envelope every Wednesday that includes a newsletter and other important papers. The only mention was in the upcoming dates to note section. It stated the time and location for March Madness. That's the entire sum and substance of what we received. Arghh.

Now the fun part. Her class has several of the most athletic kids. PB isn't one of them. One boy has been easily able to score numerous points on teenagers since he was 5 years old. There wasn't any doubt who would win this game. The total points from the games this week were 10, 16 and 52. The other team had twice as many students, and the star player wasn't there. They still won 22-10 (I think.)

I was afraid that it would be a blow out and not so much fun. But it wasn't...and it was a good game. The kids worked together, and everyone got a chance to play. The ball was passed, and every student had a chance to "touch" the ball. The reasons I love this school were reaffirmed for me tonight (even with the lack of communication for this event.)

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swampy said...

I love it when E.V.E.R.Y. child has a chance to be successful.